July 17, 2023

How Can You Make a Difference?

Renewable Ocean Energy Inc.

Rick Navarro
Renewable Ocean Energy, Inc


The record-breaking global temperatures have strengthened the concern about climate change
and global warming. Many governments and large companies are starting to work on what they
can do. Everyone contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, and you do have some control on this.


What would happen if 100 million people in the US each reduced their carbon footprint by 10%?
This can be done very quickly without spending any money! Remember “An ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure” as there is no need to capture carbon that’s not there!


Here are some suggestions that won’t cost you a penny but may put money in your pocket! I’ll
send more hints in the next post.

1. Adjust your driving habits.

  •  Did you know that there aren’t any prizes for being first to the next stop light?
    Look ahead and try to anticipate if the light will be red or green when you get
    there. If it’s going to be red, don’t rush there as you will just burn more gas and
    wait anyway while emitting more carbon gases, and wasting your money! Let off
    the gas a little earlier as you may get 99 mpg when coasting!
  •  Accelerate gradually rather than “putting the pedal to the medal” and drive the
    speed limit or just below it. Your car burns more gas as it goes faster and burns
    more gas during acceleration. Some vehicles will tell you what the mpg at a given
    speed. Slow down to maximize your mileage, save your money, and save the
  • Stop sitting in drive thru lanes where your car is just spewing out gases, but not
    going anywhere. Park it and go inside. Most of the time, there is no waiting if you
    walk in, you save money and help save the planet.

2. Plant a tree which helps capture carbon emissions and reduce temperatures.
3. Check out my book “Resurrection of the Blue Planet” for more information
(available on Amazon).

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Renewable Ocean Energy Inc.

July 17, 2023


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